The Grounds

The Gardens

The house and its sheepfold are adjoined by gardens to the north with the pool and stone barbecue and by a spectacular view of the wild valley to the south.

  • Volley-ball net
  • Soccer balls
  • Petanque
  • 8 adult and three children bicycles available with a waiver
  • Hummock
  • Gate
Southern balcony (360 sq ft)

The balcony offers an exceptional southern view of the wooded countryside as well as the Grohlier pond.

Northern balcony

Under the wisteria, the northern balcony is an oasis of cool air a few steps from the pool, perfect for a summer breakfast or lunch.


17 meters long and 10 wide, it is surrounded by stones and lounge chairs enabling you to rest in the shade. It is surrounded by a meter-high wood fence to keep children safe.